A wealth of resources. A lifetime of learning.

Training and development at Providence

Working in the medical field is a very special career. You are called on to share both your knowledge and your heart. At Providence Health & Services, we understand that to succeed you must constantly learn about the latest medical advancements, have access to the most up-to-date software training and tools, and continue to develop your personal and professional skills. That's why we offer access to an array of ongoing educational opportunities.

Best practices, innovative treatments and medical technology are constantly evolving. So must the skills of our staff. At Providence, we're committed to providing the training and development resources you need to learn and grow in your career. From tuition assistance and mentoring programs to inspirational and educational conferences, we offer the support you need to grow as a member of the Providence family. Some of our programs include:

Competency and Learning Resources

This program helps you focus your work and resources on fulfilling the Providence Mission and meeting the goals set forth in our strategic business plan. Examples of learning tools include Staff Bulletin Board, Quality Management and Competency Assessments.

Computer Software Training

This program offers computer software training in Microsoft applications, as well as in Providence's own systems.

Ethics Center

The Ethics Center was founded by Providence Health & Services in Oregon to serve as a theological center addressing ethical issues across the continuum of care. The Ethics Center helps employees learn how to care for patients of diverse faith and cultural traditions, as well as in palliative care and end-of-life situations.


HealthStream Learning Center is an Internet-based one-stop shop for Providence-sponsored education and training. HealthStream's innovative learning tools will keep you up to date on the latest advancements in the indu

OPAL (Online Performance and Learning)

OPAL is an online resource designed to help you manage your work experience. From tips on teambuilding to advice on achieving your leadership potential, OPAL can help Providence managers achieve their professional and personal objectives.

Tuition Assistance

This program provides monetary assistance for employees who are voluntarily pursuing additional education, professional development and/or personal development.

Programs and Training

We have outstanding programs throughout our regions, including:

Providence Academy

Providence Academy provides highly rated nonclinical education programs and consultation to managers, physicians and employees of Providence Health & Services in Oregon.

Providence Alaska Learning Institute (PALI)

PALI offers a variety of programs that promote health care excellence, a healthy work environment and the spirit of service that reflects our core values.

Providence Scholars

A partnership between Providence Health & Services and the University of Portland, the Providence Scholars program provides nursing students the opportunity to complete their education at no cost to them.