Billing, Insurance and Coding Careers at Providence

As one of the professionals in our billing, insurance and coding offices, you will help ensure that our services are correctly billed and reimbursed. You’ll work with patients in financial distress to find resources and programs—some sponsored by Providence—to ease their way and deliver world-class care with human connection.


As a billing or coding professional, you’re trained in the intricacies of CPT and ICD-9. You understand the importance of ensuring that every patient account is properly coded, for every procedure, every service, every time. Your attention to detail helps ensure that:

  • appropriate billing is recorded
  • insurance is billed properly
  • legal guidelines are followed
  • patients receive an accurate, timely summary of their account

Continuing education opportunities

Highly skilled billing and coding employees are essential. We understand the importance of keeping up to date with constantly changing coding and billing rules. Employees have access to numerous continuing education opportunities. Sources for education include internal resources, American Health Information Management Association and American Academy of Professional Coders. Educational opportunities are frequently offered free of charge and are typically eligible for continuing education units for coding credentials.


As insurance plans grow more complex, and insurance regulations more rigorous, the compassionate and respectful service that our insurance professionals provide to our customers is more important than ever. Whether you are explaining coverage to a member, presenting options to a prospective patient, managing relationships with existing patients or ensuring that the information services infrastructure is running smoothly, your role directly improves our patients’ experience.