Frequently Asked Questions

Finding Jobs

Where are jobs posted?
Where can I search for open positions?
How do I know if a job is still available?
How do I apply to your RN Residency program?
Can I use my military title or occupation code to find a job?
Can I see the pay scale on the job posting?
How do I find details, such as hours and the schedule, of a position?
How do I create an email job alert?
How do I opt-out of email job alerts?
Who may I contact about internship or externship programs at Providence?

Acute Care Nurse Requirements

Why does Providence want acute care nurses to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)?
Are there resources available to help me obtain a BSN?
What will my work schedule be while I obtain my degree?
Is there additional pay for obtaining my BSN?

Logging in to your candidate profile

How do I create a candidate profile?
How do I reset my password and/or user name?
How can I unlock my candidate profile?

Submitting Your Application

Who should I contact for web technical support if I have trouble submitting my application?
How do I apply for a position?
Where should I send my resume?
How do I submit an attachment to a job application?
Why can I not upload my resume?
How can I update my candidate profile?
How do I complete an application I started, but did not finish?
Why do I receive error messages when I try to move to the next step?
How do I know my application was successfully submitted?
How do I edit my application?

After You Have Applied

What are the steps in the selection process?
When can I expect to hear back from the hiring department?
I meet the required criteria, why have I not been contacted for an interview?
How will I be contacted?
Will I be asked to submit references?
Will I have to do a video interview?
I am having trouble with my Modern Hire interview, what should I do?
What is the status of my application?
If I withdraw my application or if I am not selected, can I edit my application and reapply?
May I have the contact information of the hiring manager?
What does that mean if the job to which I applied is no longer posted online?
Can I see a list of jobs I have applied to?
How do I stay connected?