Career Opportunities for Current Caregivers

As a current caregiver at Providence, you know how deeply we hold our mission and core values. We are pleased that you have decided to develop your career with us as we continue to create healthier communities together.

Click below to access the current caregiver job search page within the “Career Opportunities” section of your Genesis Dashboard.

The careers site is updated several times a day, so check back often to see the newest opportunities.

Current Caregiver Job Search

Caregiver Referrals are Important to Us

Do you know someone who would be a great caregiver? Make a caregiver referral!

Now you can earn a bonus of $3,000 for ALL* referral hires (applications dated Jan. 1, 2022 and after). Refer an experienced professional or someone just starting out, a techie, a nurse, a manager or a marketer—we’ve got a role for that!

*Roles executive director and above and roles below 0.5 FTE are NOT eligible.

For more information and Q&A about our enterprise Caregiver Referral Program visit

FAQs for Current Caregivers (all employees)

Most answers regarding applying for jobs will be found on the FAQ link at the top of this page. Here are some specific FAQs for current caregivers:

Who should I contact for web technical support if I have trouble submitting my application?
How can I see the pay scale on job postings?
Who should I contact regarding benefits?
May I have the contact information of the hiring manager or recruiter?
Who should I contact about my current employment?
How do I set-up or manage my preferred jobs, job alerts, job applications, job offers and referrals?
How do I change my email address?
How do I find jobs that I have added to my cart?
I would like to transfer jobs, do I still need to apply online?
I am a new caregiver currently in the onboarding process. Who do I contact with questions?
How do current caregivers set up job alerts?
How do current caregivers turn off job alerts?

For Hiring Managers

For hiring manager assistance, please contact your recruiter.