Our journey to excellence.

Magnet and Pathway to excellence®

Magnet and Pathway to Excellence designation goes well beyond our commitment to excellence. It is our opportunity to celebrate the teamwork and respect that we have for each other in the many roles we have—medical, clinical or support staff. It is your opportunity as a nurse to search deeply for what you are passionate about in your profession. and pursue the path of excellence. Achieving Magnet designation or Pathway to Excellence designation reminds us of our individual and collective calling to give the best care to every patient, every time.

The difference in being a Magnet hospital.

Independent research shows that Magnet and Pathways to Excellence facilities consistently outperform by demonstrating:

For Patients
  • Increased satisfaction and confidence levels
  • Increased stability in care and positive outcomes
  • Lower mortality rates
  • Shorter lengths of stay

For Nurses
  • Autonomy in clinical practice
  • Better delivery of quality care
  • Higher rates of job satisfaction
  • Lower incidence of needle stick injuries
  • More appropriate registered nurse mix

For Hospitals and Health Facilities
  • Collaborative work environment
  • Increased attraction of high-caliber nurses, physicians and specialists
  • Increased retention and recruitment of nurses
  • Lower rates of staff nurse turnover

The 14 forces of Magnetism

  • Quality of nursing leadership - "Nurses from other units routinely help one another. The people are so friendly, and there's so much support."
  • Organizational Structure - "We have a 10-minute meeting every morning where employees from every area attend and we review a quick agenda. It definitely makes us more cohesive as a group."
  • Management Style - "The most satisfying aspect of my practice as a Clinical Nurse Specialist is working with the staff and helping them take care of patients."
  • Personnel policies and programs - "I work three 12-hour shifts, three days a week. The time I have to myself is absolutely exceptional."
  • Professional model of care - "Each morning, I attend multidisciplinary rounds and assist the staff throughout the day with critical thinking, patient care, and with any troubleshooting they need."
  • Quality of care - "I like that the hospital is at the forefront of care. We're a nationally accredited Baby-Friendly Hospital, and as a certified lactation consultant, that's important to me."
  • Quality improvement - "One of the best things about working here is the broad case diversity. It has really made me a better nurse and competent in many different areas."
  • Consultation and resources - "There is a lot of support for furthering your education."
  • Autonomy - "With so many opportunities to teach, learn and grow, I have everything I need here."
  • Community and the hospital - "I'd heard good things about Providence...and I was right."
  • Nurses as teachers - "I'm a preceptor, so I'm able to take people under my wing and show them around. It's very rewarding to teach and share with the new students, and I lvoe it."
  • Image of nursing - "You're not just a lone nurse out there...All disciplines work very well together as a team."
  • Interdisciplinary relationships - "We have good collaboration between our physician team and the nursing staff."
  • Professional Development - "If there is a class or convention that I want to attend, the department works hard to get me time off so that I can."

Magnetic attraction

"Magnet designation is like the 'Nobel Prize' for nursing and our organization. Providence nursing managers and I are strongly committed to enhancing your personal growth in practice. Our primary focus is nursing excellence, but our journey will also reflect transformational leadership, shared governance and teamwork, exemplary professional practice, use of new knowledge, innovation and research—all verified through documented outcomes of patient care."

Kathy Harren, RN, MHA, CNE
Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrance – Torrance, CA

Providence nurses are proud of our Magnet and Pathway to excellence designated hospitals

At Providence, our facilities are expected to journey toward Magnet or Pathway to Excellence achievement.