Our commitment to communities
is tangible.

Our communities have trusted Providence with their health and well-being for more than 165 years. We provide an environment in which every patient, especially the poor and vulnerable, can find hope and care. Our spiritual tradition inspires us to believe in the dignity and value every individual brings into the world, and we believe health is critical to unlocking that potential.

We believe in a better world and our mission guides us in making it real. And to us, caring is something that extends far beyond our doors. We partner within our communities to keep each other safe, nourished and at ease. Looking out for the health of the whole community and each individual within it, so we can be well—together.

Caring for our communities is foundational to achieving our vision of Health for a Better World.

Transformative Advocacy

Some of the ways we’re looking out for the health of all include:

  • Investing $1.5 billion in our community benefit program across the seven states we serve
  • Making a $50 million commitment to address racial disparities in healthcare
  • Using our voice as an organization to advocate for the poor and vulnerable, including on important issues such as Medicaid, immigration and human trafficking
  • Offering the Housing is Health initiative; investing in best practices of community partners working on temporary and permanent housing
  • Engaging in global partnerships in response coordination during times of natural disasters and humanitarian crisis
  • Living our mission of caring for all and carrying on the heritage of our sisters
  • Voicing our POV on current events and public policy, such as preserving Medicaid
  • Participating in the NotHere effort to root out workplace harassment and abuse, and create a positive and safe work environment
  • Building coalitions on behalf of our communities, such as Civica Rx and its efforts to reduce drug prices and prevent shortages

Community Connections

We encourage our employees to take part in activities and support causes that will make a difference in the lives of those around them. Ours is a culture of giving, one that affords every employee the opportunity to participate in programs such as:

  • Alaska SafeKids, a two-decade-old program that helps prevent childhood injuries by funding safety education and by providing bike helmets and car seats to those in need.
  • Ongoing donations of medical equipment and supplies to organizations in 25 third-world countries around the globe.
  • Providence Regina House, a food bank located in West Seattle that provides life's needed necessities like food and clothing to those in need.
  • San Fernando Violence Prevention Coalition, a southern California program that helps individuals escape the gang lifestyle.
  • Team Up Montana, a community partnership that helps people going through chemotherapy and cancer treatment alone and without resources.

Learn more and read stories about how we’re working toward our vision of “health for a better world” through solidarity with our community partners.